Tag: World Wide Wrestling

KAYFABE THEATER: The Horsemen tell Ricky Morton about all the wrestlers...

The Horsemen threaten Ricky Morton, as Arn Anderson tries to let 'the punk kid' know about all the opponents they've already injured

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair comes after Ron Garvin

A confrontation between Ronnie Garvin and Ric Flair leads to an inevitable Horsemen beatdown

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair rips Greg Valentine’s suit

The Nature Boy is tired of hearing The United States Champion talk trash about him, so he decides to humiliate him in front of his ladies...

KAYFABE THEATER: JJ Dillon can’t hide from the Naked Truth

JJ Dillon is out for an interview with David Crockett, and he's enraged about a video that shows Ricky Steamboat beating him up and stripping his pants off

KAYFABE THEATER: Flair, Studd & The Big Cat have something to...

Ric Flair, Big John Studd and Ernie Ladd are out for an interview to talk about how they've gotten rid of Blackjack Mulligan and are taking over the territory

KAYFABE THEATER: Dusty Rhodes teaches Ric Flair about the Bullrope Match

1981 - The Nature Boy and The American Dream stand on the same side against Ole Anderson, as Rhodes tells the audience that Flair is ready for war

KAYFABE THEATER: Tully Blanchard slaps Baby Doll

Chivalry is dead, as a female manager gets kicked to the curb.

KAYFABE THEATER: Jim Crockett Jr. speaks after Starrcade ’83

1983 - Gordon Solie interviews NWA Promoter Jim Crockett, Jr. following the events that unfolded at his company's first mega-event, Starrcade

KAYFABE THEATER: Pistol Pez turns on The Boogie Woogie Man

During the midst of his long-running war with Paul Jones' Army, Jimmy Valiant thought he could count on Pez Whatley. That is... until this shocking attack


Video of Manny Fernandez & Dusty Rhodes taking the NWA World tag team titles from Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle (1984)