WRESTLING THEN & NOW – 07.15.2020

Movie producer Evan Ginzburg of "The Wrestler" and "350 Days" looks at the return of live crowds to wrestling shows and a historic WWF match from 1977

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Acclaimed movie producer Evan Ginzburg looks at the potential Horsemen reunion in AEW as well as some 1980s-era WWF worth checking out

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Acclaimed movie producer Evan Ginzburg reflects back on Tim "Killer" Brooks and Valerie Boesch and looks at the effects of COVID-19 on pro wrestling

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The aftermath of "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" - and some that may have been better - from the associate producer of "The Wrestler" and "350 Days"

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Evan Ginzburg, associate producer of "The Wrestler" and "350 Days," has some thoughts on "empty arena" shows and takes a look back at Mr. Wrestling II

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Evan Ginzburg breaks down some of the events happening in the world of pro wrestling social media, and also takes a glimpse at the glory days of the mat world

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