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Nick & Myron gather to give you their views on the wrestling world, and are joined by a female voice to break things down, as Nick's daughter Kaitlyn sits in

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The Chairman of WWE took a more of a hands-on approach to the all-women's pay-per-view than he has generally been given credit for

BLEACHER REPORT: Lynch and Flair Steal the Show at WWE Evolution

The Last Woman Standing Match for the Smackdown Womens title shined brightly as the ladies of WWE took center stage in Long Island

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 10.27.2018: Becky… Get Your Blade

On a groundbreaking night for women's wrestling, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair should seal the deal - in blood - at Evolution on Sunday

BLEACHER REPORT: WWE Evolution Predictions

Here's a rundown, and all the picks that click for WWE Evolution, the first showcase of the company's women's division on pay-per-view

THE RINGER: Does WWE Really Want a Revolution?

Columnist Mairead Small Staid takes a closer look at WWE’s half-hearted effort to change the wrestling world