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Sienna was leading the women’s revolution before the women’s revolution was cool. Now, the current GFW champion looks ready to stoke those same fires again.

The lady currently at the top of the Knockouts division might have the most diverse set of skills of any competitor on the company’s roster. After years of being involved in some high-level matches on the indy circuit, she signed with the company in April of 2016. Since then, she’s been part of a group of women that have helped re-define what the organization, and wrestling in general, is all about. 

“I do believe, 100%, that the TNA Knockouts started the women’s wrestling revolution,” Sienna said, earlier this week. “A lot of other companies have jumped on board. Everyone wants to have women in the main event or women in specialty matches now.”

Sienna has made a career of collecting championships, including unifying the GFW and Impact titles at Slammiversary on July 2nd.

“But, I think the Knockouts absolutely set the bar years ago, and I think we’re well on our way to bring you back to that- to where it originally started.”

A lifelong wrestling fan, Sienna began training in 2008 at the Blue Collar Wrestling Alliance (BCWA) in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan under the watchful eye of Mathew Priest and Bill Martel. Near the end of 2010, she was one of the first modern female competitors to wrestle men as well as women when she entered the tournament for the vacant BCWA National Championship.

That same year, Sienna – under her birth name, Allison Kay (also formidably known as “AK-47”) traveled to Cleveland, becoming a staple of Absolute Intense Wrestling. In April 2012, Sienna captured the AIW Women’s Championship and kept a stranglehold on the title for 713 days.

Sienna wouldn’t lose that championship until March of 2014, along the way turning back the challenge of competitors such as Mickie Knuckles, Veda Scott, “Crazy” Mary Dobson (currently competing as Sarah Logan in NXT), and Mia Yim (the former “Jade” in GFW). Sienna traveled the country competing for not only AIW but also for Shimmer, Shine, WSU and Ring of Honor.

Sienna arrived in GFW in early 2016 and wasted no time, winning the Knockouts Championship by June. The trail she blazed and her body of work made her a natural for GFW.

The multi-talented titleholder has even had one mixed martial arts victory in her career, in December, 2015.

“I was actually thinking about taking my second MMA fight (in 2016),” Sienna said. “Then I ended up getting signed with Impact at the time.”

“I still do the training, so it’s something that’s not ruled out for the future. But, I’ve put it aside for my career here.”

Now, after unifying both the GFW &  TNA Knockouts titles at Slammiversary, Sienna stands clearly at the top of the division. As Global Force Wrestling takes to the road, she doesn’t mind being the one to carry the banner.

“I think we’re going the right direction, and I’m very grateful the company has had faith in me, both with in-ring segments and backstage segments,” she said. “We’ve been very lucky that the company gives us that kind of time. especially on the microphone.”

Sienna competed in Shimmer, Shine, Japan, Europe and seemingly all points in between before joining the Knockouts division in 2016

With a merger complete and the smoke starting to clear, the Knockouts champ has a few goals clearly in her sights going forward.

“I’d like to see the women have more stipulation matches, because I think the women can rock them,” Sienna said. “I think we can tear the house down with stuff like that… just like the guys.”

Her brash attitude mirrors her aggressive attitude in the ring. It’s one that Sienna carries with her, as she carries the title and attempts to make more history as the lady on top of Global Force Wrestling.

“One of my favorites growing up was Stone Cold Steve Austin,” she said. “Not just the attitude. Not just the beer, and the middle finger, and the catchphrases, but, also the way he moved in the ring.”

It’s a similar drive that she hopes will push her and The Knockouts Division to a whole, new level. And when she looks around the GFW locker room, she has no doubt that the company is loaded for bear.

“Our locker room is pretty tight,” she explained. “Overall, we have a really tight sisterhood. As much as I’m looking forward to more women joining the locker room, I really hope we go about it in an old school way.”

“I hope we keep what we have going, and we don’t start bringing toxic people to our locker room.” 

Sienna says that for her, and the entire roster, the future looks bright in 2017 and beyond.

“Our group is very tight-knit, and we hype each other up. We are working toward a common goal, and we all truly want to make Impact great again… and that’s not just a hashtag.”



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