THE 12 DAYS OF WRESTLING: AWA Remco Action Figures

On the Second Day of Christmas…

RemcoAWAWrestlersThe AWA Remco Action Figure line were produced from 1985 to 1986. The toys were made of a solid plastic pose, with moveable waists, legs, arms, and heads. Most came with accessories, from outfits to championship belts. While it’s often a misconception that the WWF started the wrestling ‘toy craze’, this was actually the first line of wrestling figures for sale in the United States

This set was released in packages containing 2 or 3 figures, as opposed to the standard one in a pack. The only figures available in single figure packs were part of the final series, the highly sought-after Mat Mania set.

Original Commercial for AWA Remco Action Figures:

YOUTUBE: The Profit Bandit  

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