THE 12 DAYS OF WRESTLING: WCW ‘Nitro for Men’ Cologne

WCW Nitro for Men

This robust and hearty fragrance brings to mind the manly scents of elderwood and cold pressed steel. Its rich aroma assails the olfactory glands with the force of a perfectly executed pile-driver. 

—Original Marketing for WCW Nitro for Men

Nitro for Men was a masculine fragrance by WCW launched in 2000

This eau de toilette was aimed toward the 18-30-year-old male, and came in a light turquoise packaging featuring the company’s logo. 

A 3.4 oz bottle cost approximately 20 dollars upon its release. Today, remaining bottles of WCW Nitro for Men are regularly listed online for over 200 dollars, depending on condition:

Product Details

WCW Nitro By World Championship Wrestling For Men 

Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4…

by World Championship Wrestling


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