THE BOOKING REPORT – 07.09.2017: Enzo vs. Big Cass


Billy Corgan once said, “You know Americans are obsessed with life and death and rebirth, that’s the American Cycle. You know, awakening, tragic, horrible death and then Phoenix rising from the ashes. That’s the American story, again and again.” This happens time and time again in wrestling storylines. Since the beginning of “sports entertainment” this storyline has been used over and over again. There’s a reason for that: like Mr. Corgan observed, Americans are obsessed with it! It IS the American story. In fact, Enzo Amore is the perfect character to rehash the great American story line and cash the checks it continues to produce. 





Up until this point we’ve had your basic team split-up. Enzo was attacked several times backstage by an unknown assailant. Cass was even attacked once, but eventually it was revealed that Big Cass perpetrated the attacks and even staged his own assault. It was then that he cut a scathing promo where he accused Enzo of holding him back. The promo was good, but Enzo shedding what might have been an actual tear knowing that they were about to disband the only team he’s known since he entered wrestling sealed the moment as one of the best in several years. After Amore gave an amazing promo where he laid out his case for why they should stick it out, Big Cass agreed to take his little buddy back until they made it to the top of the ramp and Cass once again stabbed his longest-tenured friend in the back. The promos have been outstanding during this feud, with Enzo’s mic work being especially stellar, leaving no doubt that he’s the best talker on the active roster. 


The Match


The objective here is to keep Cass looking like he could beat anyone, and we somehow need to make Enzo look like he’s a legitimate competitor. Making Cass look strong is pretty easy, but with recent booking making Enzo look legitimate is going to be much harder. Right now, his character is the guy that gets beat up every week. 


The match begins with in a way that fans would expect. Enzo tries to use his quickness to get away from Cass and strike quickly before moving again. It looks like Enzo’s plan might work, as he has Cass on his heels. This doesn’t last long though, and Big Cass catches Enzo with the big boot. That’s when things turn the direction we all knew they would. Cass begins to destroy the much smaller Enzo, and it turns into quite the brutal beating. Soon, Enzo can’t even make it to his feet. Big Cass tries to stand Enzo up but his limp body just falls back to the mat. Cass kicks at Enzo almost like you would a lifeless animal to see if it’s alive. Once Cass realizes Enzo isn’t responding, he shakes his head in disgust and walks out of the ring. The ref, confused for a moment, doesn’t start the ten-count right away. This gives Cass time to walk part of the way up the ramp before Enzo climbs to his feet. He yells, “Hey brother!” Big Cass turns around. Enzo continues to scream over the crowd noise, “Is that all you got?” This prompts Cass to head back in the ring. Once there, the beating just continues. Enzo, obviously too weak to fight has his lifeless body tossed from pillar to post. Cass grabs a mic and stands over Enzo as he lays unconscious in the middle of the ring. “I told you that you were nothing but dead weight!” Again, he climbs from the ring, not interested in winning the match, just in proving that Enzo isn’t good enough. Suddenly Enzo’s hand moves and he grabs the mic. Without getting up, stilling lying in the ring not moving, he begins to speak into the mic, “This is the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, and like the Phoenix in Greek mythology, (he begins to get up) I’ll rise from the ashes over and over again!” He’s now on his feet, “How you doin’?!” 

Cass runs back into the ring and, with a flurry of punches, Enzo rocks the big man. Surprised and disoriented, Cass turns toward the corner to gather himself and Enzo quickly rolls him up, puts his feet up onto the turnbuckle for leverage and gets the pinfall without the ref noticing his illegal use of the ropes. 




From here we can continue the feud with Cass protesting the win. Of course, the next time he beats Enzo in short order and gets the pin. Enzo, showing the signs of his new character, gets up and tells Cass to come on back! I still got fight left in me! Cass ignores him and goes on into the locker room. This becomes Enzo’s M. O. He continues to lose more than he wins, but each match he gets up and reminds the crowd that he’ll never stay down. It gets him beat up, even post-match, a lot, but he fights on. No matter where you take Enzo next, he can always be booked as the underdog that just never quits. 

The other option is to have Cass beat Enzo down until he finds a new big man to support. That person then feuds with Big Cass, and Enzo transitions into a managerial role. That’s easy booking, though; I like the challenge of getting Enzo over, even though he’s consistently beaten. Of course, he has to win some as the underdog that overachieves, but mostly he just plain never quits. There’s no reason that one person has to come away from a feud looking weak, while the other looks strong. There doesn’t always have to be a Marty Janetty when a tag team splits.

Both competitors can come out looking like superstars, but hey, what do I know? 




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