THE CASUAL SHEEP – 03.06.2020: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Goose Mahler, Associate Editor

Mark Mahler

Welcome to the world of wrestling! A new champ becomes the Dean of AEW.  An electronic spider is the biggest payoff Vince McMahon can pull out of his ass. Parents getting pissed at a heel for being a heel. Legends return and keep returning because the current crop of talent can’t get over without a Legend returning. Last, but not least Promo School 101 was in session on all shows this week. 

Here are some positive and negatives from this past week in wrestling. 

First, congrats to Jon Moxley for winning the AEW Heavyweight Championship belt from Chris Jericho. Let’s be honest here, Moxley is over, loves wrestling and is the best thing that could happen for it. Jericho is a God and can look good without the belt. It’s the right thing to do since Fozzy will be touring and Moxley is a marketable wrestler on many levels for AEW. This is a big thumbs up. 

Next topic, an electronic spider Vince? Out of all the things in the world we got an electronic spider in Rowan’s cage. This is the best WWE creative can do people. What’s worse is podcast people trying to convince themselves this was realistic. If you wonder why ratings are sliding, this segment was 5 months of nonsense. They might as have had Mae Young’s hand pop out of the cage. This one is a nasty assed thumbs down…from Mae Young’s hand no less. 

MJF Flipping Off Young Fan at Convention
TMZ recently documented MJF being a true heel.

Onward and upward, MJF is one of the best heels in wrestling today, for those of you that don’t know. If you sent your kid to an autograph signing with him do you expect him to hug your kid? I wouldn’t think so. But this is TMZ worthy news because MJF flip the kid the bird. Yes, TMZ covered this like it was a nation crime to flip off a kid! 

The situation is a catch 22. My first question is if this parent watched wrestling why the hell would you think taking your kid to a meet and greet with MJF would be pleasant? The second question to AEW is, why would you let MJF do meet and greets if he doesn’t break character. This is neither a thumbs up or thumbs down, both sides are equally stupid for thinking a meet and greet would be good idea with MJF. 

Here’s a legend, there’s a legend, wouldn’t you want to be a legend in wrestling too? Absolutely! You know why it’s a good time to be a wrestling legend? Go on ask me. You know you wanna know why!  Yes, it is a grand time to be a Legend! Get paid a boat load of money, don’t have to work weekly schedules and be more over then most talent on the roster. If the money is being offered, you’d do a match or appearance here and there too, you know you’d accept. 

The problem with ‘Legend Logic’ is, with all the wrestling promotion leaning heavy on legends to put over their young talent, it loses it luster. Goldberg, Taker, Austin, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, it doesn’t matter. The ratings are so bad, spikes in ratings during legends appearance has promoters (mostly Vince) thinking this is good for business. 

The reality of the situation is this is bad for business. The younger talent is wasting away backstage wonder what they did wrong to lose matches and time to 50 to 60-year old’s that don’t wrestler every week. This is also why wrestlers are asking for premature releases. Why stick around if someone from the 80’s can step in and take time away from someone trying to make a mark. This gets a stinking nasty thumbs down to the promotions constantly seeking glory from the past. 

Randy Orton & Beth Phoenix on Monday Night RawLet’s flip the thumb back up for a legend that is arguably the best promo cutter in Jake ‘The Snake’ Robert. New look, but still a bad ass on the mic. Any wrestler that want to know how to cut a promo and play with your opponent’s head, watch Jake’s promos wherever you can find them. He’s top 5 in psychology in the ring and top 3 on the mic. 

Jake and Cody’s exchange in the ring was one that seemed like they had done this before. The facial expression, the eye contact, the demeanor was perfect. Although I’m against constant use of Legends, this was the way to do it and play to that legend’s strength in 2020. To me, Jake is a legendary thumbs up. 

Speaking of great promos, how about Randy Orton. Now I’m not for intergender matches, but his exchange with Beth into the RKO was easily the highlight of Raw this week. Orton in this role as villain to Edge and his super friends babyface is must SEE TV. Very few wrestlers can match Orton’s maniacal and sadistic character when he is in the zone. 

With Beth he was in that zone almost in a cringeworthy fashion.  From the time he opened his arms for the hug all the way to the RKO. Yes, MJF is another level of heel, but Orton is out of this world in this role and story line. With one move and one look Orton easily is the most hated wrestler in the biz right now. This was a gigantic thumbs up. 

Well, I’m thumbed out. Until next week, Have a nice day!

Mick Foley



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