THE CASUAL SHEEP – 03.29.2019: R E S P E C T

By Goose Mahler, Columnist

MarkYou hear stories all the time about wrestlers being great, being rude, not caring, doing extra extraordinary things, name it. I’ve seen some cool things in person, and online, and have even heard some stories first hand. I’ve also been witness to some things I didn’t care for and to this day still don’t have a lot of love for “superstar” wrestlers.

After watching Smackdown Tuesday night, I have even more respect for Jey and Jimmy Uso. Don’t get me wrong, I am of the opinion they are the best tag team in the WWE, maybe one step shy of being equals to the Young Bucks as the best in the world. But them refusing to wrestle New Day to allow Kofi to reach that spotlight was a cool moment to witness on Smackdown.

It’s easy to play a vicious heel in wrestling. There are far more ways to gain heel heat then there is getting over as a face in my humble opinion. But there is also that fine line of being a “tweener”. Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, to name a few hit that tweener line and seemingly become unstoppable forces with fans cheering and jeering their every move.

The Uso’s could have easily entered that grey area if they wrestled the New Day. But what purpose would it have served? Instead, they might have cemented their leadership position in the WWE for years to come. Assuming they re-sign with the WWE when their contracts are up for renewal. There has got to be panic too that AEW, Impact or NJPW comes in and offers these two “superstars” a boat load of money.

Before people start guessing about some of their out of the ring issues. You travel 300 days a year and tell me your decision making is 100% perfect. You can’t, enough said.

They have had some great matches with The Bar, The New Day, The Good Brothers, among other teams. Whether they are heels or faces the crowd seems to eat up the Uso penitentiary schtick. Now its time for them to get in the ring with Hardy Boys and get THEIR big Wrestlemania moment. I’m sure the WWE writers will somehow make Vince mad at them for forfeiting and giving New Day an easier path, but the Uso’s will show they are up for the challenge.

Ai1UjGnY_400x400Total respect for the Usos.

The Way the WWE creative has handled Asuka. I don’t care if Charlotte Flair wins 17 titles and breaks her dads record, Asuka has been one of the most mis-utilized wrestlers in a long time. I don’t even understand why she sticks around at this point. AEW or NJPW will get this gem and it will shine brighter then the WWE ever could get it to shine.

First, the WWE was prepping Lacey Evans for Asuka. But fans noticed Lacey hasn’t been wrestling. How does a promotion grant someone a title match when they aren’t getting in the ring to show they earned a spot? They don’t (…well, except the WWE.)

Then Mandy Rose got a shot because Vince is high on blondes that are a certain body type. Don’t believe me put a picture of Mandy Rose side by side with Trish Stratus early on and tell me you can’t see the similarities.

No offense to Mandy, I’d rather see her and Sonya Deville going after the Women’s tag team belts than Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka again. But this plan was washed out anyway.

Then last-minute changes and Becky has more bulletin board materials so they can set up for the 4 horsewomen cometh to the WWE. Bayley and Sasha have belts, Charlotte has a belt, and Becky doesn’t. Great. But where the in blue hell does this leave Asuka and the other women that bust their asses week in and week out on Smackdown and the house shows? In cold.

Shame on creative. Shame on Vince, Stephanie and Triple H. For all the good you have done the women in the WWE, this is a disservice to the Smackdown women’s division.

No respect at all for this decision making regarding Asuka and the Smackdown Women. No Respect at all.

And the WWE will tell you the Wrestlemania card was already running too long. Well no shit, Shirley Temple, you’ve made every PPV too long this year. Wrestlemania is going to be 2 hours to long even removing the Smackdown women from the picture. Thank God we have Baron Corbin in action for the bathroom break.

walter-758x426Last but definitely not least… WALTER and the “Brusierweight” Pete Dunne. I loved the segment on NXT UK this week for the signing. I loved the build for these two meeting in the ring. WALTER has come into NXT UK with a fury. Pete Dunne is the longest reigning WWE champ in like…forever. Well not true, but 600 going on 700 days is impressive as hell. But these two could be, should be the sleeper match of Wrestlemania weekend.

If Pete Dunne loses, he should immediate be inserted onto Smackdown or Raw. He has paid his dues and earned it. He also could also be injected into some great feuds with Balor, Owens, Buddy Murphy and a host of others.

On the flip side, if WALTER loses, I think he is instantly that International superstar the WWE lacks in so many ways for the heavyweight division. He also has a style that can match a lot of the current big man roster. He has that IT factor that people always talk about.

Given enough time this match screams show stealer.

Either way you slice it NXT UK has my respect because it has been done right and both these wrestlers command the fans respect.  Here’s to hoping Vince McMahon keeps his nose out of this match and does right for Dunne and WALTER.



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