THE CASUAL SHEEP – 08.14.2019: The Truth Is…

By Goose Mahler, Columnist


I openly admit I was skeptical when Mick Foley came out with that 24-7 belt on May 20th of this year I was skeptical of how successful it would or even could be. Grant it before it was the Hardcore title that guys defended at all hours. The belt itself was a broken former WWE heavyweight championship belt not this Oscar the Grouch looking thing. The presentation was off putting to be blunt and the cast of character changed too. There was no Hardcore Holly, Crash, Al Snow or Mankind. So exactly how was this going to play out? 

Well, a couple months into the 24-7 title story, R Truth, Carmella, Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle are one of the hottest storylines going. These four WWE superstars have made a laughable belt one of the most talk about things on WWE programming. How can something so simple become something so entertaining? 

The truth is the four above wrestlers have taken this storyline and gimmick and ascended it to where you can’t wait to see what happens. Running around the arena and hiding in any place possible is one thing. Being caught and surviving the others chasing is another thing. The thing I believe that works with this gimmick is whether we want to admit it or not, we all love a good chase. And Truth and Carmella are giving that to us. 

R Truth and Carmella have held onto the wave of TV time they got off their Mixed Match Challenge Victory. From that point on every opportunity they have been given they have cashed in on. R Truth with a US Title run of sorts and Carmella winning the Women’s Battle Royal at Wrestlemania in front of her dad. These two superstars have a chemistry not often seen in wrestling and it has carried them and their characters a long way and has a never-ending upside to it because fans love them. Either a part or together the fans just dig both Truth and Carmella.

With Truth winning the 24-7 title and carrying it, along with Carmella, has been a breath of fresh air. The hiding under the ring spot was brilliant. Losing the belt and regaining it at various points just leads to the intrigue of belt itself. From a golf course to the parking lot Truth and Carmella have taken advantage of every minute of TV time they have gotten while holding and chasing this title and avoiding the rest of the roster that is giving chase or hold the title. 

When you add Drake Maverick and his wife Renee Michelle to the mix along with the whole wedding angle this has become its own monster segment that is something fans might not want to miss out on. I mean in all honesty how many people want camera men at their wedding to walk down the aisle only to have their husband get pinned? It’s stupid as hell but amazingly genius in it’s own right. 

Everyone talks about Drake’s passion for wrestling. From his time in Impact to now, he bleeds wrestling and you can see it. Hell, you can see it with him GM’ing 205 Live. But getting him into this chase for the 24-7 title and the Wanted adds to find R Truth he is not only assisted in getting this title over with the fans, he has ascended his character to decision maker to someone people want to see in the ring competing for the title.  The first time they showed him with the flyers you knew there was something up his sleeve and how he was going to chase this title. 

Now here’s the catch. Since the WWE added Renee Michelle to the mix and has taken this 24-7 marriage with Drake to a whole different level. Not just in the ring or backstage but the story of this seemingly silly belt has ruined her marriage before it got off the ground. She has taken her role in this so seriously that he first in ring appearance she was dressed in green and gold ring gear to try and catch her husband’s attention. 

And If you aren’t paying attention, check her out on Twitter feed. Some of the comments she throws at Drake is pure gold from an entertainment standpoint and that just adds to the intrigue of this belt and the whole situation with him getting that title and consummating the marriage. When Maria won the 24-7 belt Drake posted he wasn’t afraid of pinning a pregnant woman and Michelle’s response was EPIC. 

Now let me stress, I was not at all for this 24-7 belt when it was introduced. But what I do back is the fact that these wrestlers that weren’t getting a lot of TV time or attention are making the most of this belt and the time they are given and making it one of the most entertaining part of WWE TV.  Kudos to R Truth, Carmella, Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle for bringing the fans something enjoyable to watch and keeping what could have been a bad scene fresh and lively. 

Until next week, stay cool. 


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