‘The Montreal Screwjob Was A Work…’


Survivor_Series_1997_-_Bret_Hart_Vs_HBK_02-1Got your attention? Good!

The Montreal Screwjob. We all know it. We all know what happened, it was live on national television. It was blatant disrespect of a veteran wrestler. who poured his heart and soul into the business, and he got screwed.

But, what if what we saw was a work? One huge massive work that fooled ALL of us. You. Me. WCW. Just, what if? Hear me out here before you go “Oh my god… Lauren is a damn liar how dare she publish this shit fire her!” Just hear me out on this.

I ran a poll, and 76% of you said it was a shoot. That means 24% of you think it was a work. I found that really interesting.

Oh, side note, we will not be going back to deep history, that will be in the next “Boom, Pipe Bomb Bitch” article next week. This will be straight up the night of.

So to start this conspiracy theory we’re going to have to get in our way back time machine and go back to the night of the actual screwjob. But we’re going to instead of taking a straight up time trip, I’m going to break down certain points and cover them, so it might be a bit disjointed, but we’ll recap everything in the end. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey and all… Read More HERE


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