THE POWER OF THE PIN – 11.12.2018: Power & Grace

By Ryan K Boman, Editor in Chief

Head Shot - Ryan

“Action has Magic, Power, and Grace in it.”
–  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Anyone who was watching Impact! on Pop late, last Thursday might have heard a few, loud bumps in the night. 

That’s because Jordynne Grace, the 5’2″ pepper pot of power, made her debut with the company in a convincing win over Katarina. Along the way, she also just happened to make a very, powerful statement.

Considered one of the top, female wrestling prospects in the country, Grace’s name had already been familiar to fans, but last week, seeing was believing. And, if the first night out is any indication, this young lady is for real.

gracedebutGrace wasted no time in imposing her physical will, and even finished off her hapless opponent with a traditional, bearhug submission. In doing so, she displayed a level of strength that has rarely been seen in the history of the Knockouts division.

More importantly – the Impact crowd, who sometimes grow a little weary through long sets of TV tapings, immediately came to life with each maneuver she executed. They showed high regard for her old school, no-nonsense approach, and stayed focused on every move.

Grace played to that, as well, punctuating every slam, and popping every suplex.  She showed real ring presence, and had the crowd chanting her name in unison as she took her bows.

It was one of the most impressive television debuts of the year. The next day on Twitter, people were already calling her one of the cornerstones of Impact’s future, and likely, on course to someday hold the Knockouts title.

Part of Grace’s appeal to the audience, is that she is beyond the norm, in terms of both her sculpted look and ungodly athleticism. Unlike the cookie cutter, Barbie-Doll stereotypes, Grace is the symbol of a new generation of female grappler. She’s certainly not anorexic, checking in at a solid 160 pounds. Healthy in all the right places, she’s a consummate powerlifter, who has made significant gains over the past three years.

1400x1400-0x0+0+0_12962752Grace possesses arms like iron, tree trunks for legs, and the self-assuredness of a focused, modern-day woman. She’s been documenting her time in the gym on social media, and eschewing any of the ‘haters’ who dare criticize her. Mix that hard work and confidence with her natural beauty, and suddenly, she’s someone that the crowd can get behind – like an adorable, little fireplug.

Her stature is so impressive, in fact, that it almost begs for an explanation. Impact commentator Don Callis compared her to former ECW World Champion, Rhyno; In terms of in-ring explosiveness, that’s probably fair.

In terms of symbolism, however, some might incorrectly label her as a ‘little stick of dynamite’.  She isn’t…. Jordynne Grace is more like a hand grenade; One who will likely be blowing up, as we head towards 2019. She’s in the right place at the right time, and quite frankly, she’s that good.

With the emergence of Tessa Blanchard as Knockouts champion, The Order of the Owl has been making a case that they’re returning to the glory days of the Division. At one time, Impact  was part of a movement to take women’s wrestling from pillow fights to professionalism. Somewhere along the way, they lost that vision, and have been trying to restore it under their new regime.

graceGrace is a perfect fit for that blueprint: A pure athlete, with a unique look and style, that the fans already seem to admire.  Possessing the strength of a lion but the beauty of a butterfly, she’s the type of powerful, female character that can be both a champion, and a role model. Coming off the momentum of her huge debut, Grace now has the opportunity to sieze that, and become part of a new generation of stars. She’s literally got that kind of mass appeal.

In all my years, I’ve found that two sayings are inevitably true: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and power is undeniable.

The newest edition of the Knockouts Division has both. So, hold on tighter than a bearhug… we’re headed for plenty of “Days of Grace”. 

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