THE POWER OF THE PIN – 12.25.2017: An Eternal Storm

By Ryan K. Boman, Editor in Chief

There’s something about Tim Storm that just makes him special.

Perhaps it’s the way that he engages people. Directly, but not forceful. It’s very similar to the way he’s approached his 20+ year wrestling career.

W0013672985--202553Many fans are familiar with the former World Heavyweight Champion’s story by now, as it has been heavily documented in the Ten Pounds of Gold series on YouTube, produced by the National Wrestling Alliance. Billy Corgan and company did a fantastic job educating their audience on the journey that Storm had traveled to finally capture the belt. Then, they showed what his life in and out of the ring was like, in a way that the organization had never done before.

The PR boost, along with the buzz surrounding Corgan, helped create some natural curiosity about the well-traveled veteran. As the Saga of Tim Storm unfolded, fans had their eyes opened to a man who may have once been considered an unlikely world titleholder, but who ultimately fit the role of a champion.

Storm’s openness and class, as he helped pilot the NWA through a major transition, were evident to the viewers. The full-time schoolteacher would be asked by new management to take on greater responsibilities. He did so with a cool demeanor and a pleasant charm.

In other words, he walked the walk. And, as he stared into the cameras, he talked like a spokesman and looked like a sportsman.

Fans generally gave Storm a respectful reception, but the overall consensus was that he would eventually pass the torch to a younger champion. They questioned how long Corgan would let the veteran carry the NWA banner.

Eventually, Nick Aldis would conquer the Storm… and, claim the crown, earlier this month at Combat Zone Wrestling’s Cage of Death.


Right now, Storm says that he still has some unfinished business in the ring, and it appears he will be taking on his nemesis, Jocephus, in an upcoming feud. But, the odds of him re-gaining the domed globe again are slim.

Even Storm himself has hinted that losing the Ten Pounds of Gold might be a signal that it’s getting closer for him to retire. In his early 50’s, He certainly has nothing left to prove. And, he’s got a lot of options. Storm can always continue his teaching career. Or, if he chooses to stay involved with pro wrestling, he fits the mold of the classic ‘former-athlete-turned-color-commentator’. For a guy with his intelligence and experience, titles don’t necessarily make the man. Not even world titles. 

When he does indeed ride off into the sunset, Tim Storm will be remembered as the guy who ushered the National Wrestling Alliance into the Corgan era. He will be regarded as a man who looked the part, and acted the part, of a true champion. And, through it all, he earned the respect of the industry— for himself, and the long-suffering Alliance.

thStorm faced the challenge of breathing new life into the NWA just like he faces everything else: He engaged it, and handled it like a pro, without forcing anything. That relaxed, measured approach resonated with the fanbase.

That perception alone was important. Especially for a brand name that has taken a lot of public relations beatings over the past twenty years.  So, despite his loss to Nick Aldis, he’ll be remembered as one of the most important titleholders in the modern era of wrestling’s holy grail. 

Tim Storm’s name will live on in the annals of history. Not just because he was the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. But, because, he was the right champion… at the right time.


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