THE RINGER: A Closer Look at AJ Styles vs. Orton


In case you’ve had WWE programming on mute for the past several weeks, WrestleMania 35 is fast upon us, which means it is our eminent duty to periodically roll out excruciatingly detailed previews of each individual match in the month-plus leading up to April 7. It is, to be pointed, The Ringer’s WrestleMania Match Book.

As of this writing, and with Fastlane in the rear view, the card for professional wrestling’s biggest night has swelled to feature several confirmed clashes, a good chunk of which we’ve already covered in depth. And our latest pit stop lands us at the doorstep of a clash between two big names who got to WWE supremacy in radically different ways: third-generation legend Randy Orton and indie-bred SmackDown figurehead AJ Styles.

As has become customary in this series, the following is our finest effort at distilling the participants’ dovetailing fates, deducing why we care, and who, in this instance, will… Read the Full Story HERE



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