THE RINGER: Who Will Survive at ‘Survivor Series’?


Daniel Bryan beats AJ Styles

Raise your hand if you’re excited for a battle to determine “brand supremacy” this Sunday. No one? Well, too bad. Because in this age of siloed prime-time rosters and WWE Network schedules overstuffed with live events here and abroad (boo, Crown Jewel), Survivor Series has been watered down to a glorified intramural showcasing Raw and SmackDown’s brightest talents with very little at stake.

Sure, there are still a few token Davis Cup–like five-on-fives to appease the nostalgia gods, and the champion-vs.-champion matches look good on paper, even if that paper comes with tiny type that promises nothing of significance will happen. But this once-hallowed pay-per-view, having originated in 1987, can’t hold a candle to consensus enthusiasm for Money in the Bank or Hell in a Cell.

Thanks to an untimely injury and the general disarray brought about by the bad timing (and bad optics) of Crown Jewel, the Survivor Series card was in absolute disarray up until SmackDown’s final minutes. But nevertheless, here’s a blow-by-blow of Sunday’s menu, with some objectively reasonable analysis and, as always, utterly unreliable predictions … Read the Full Story HERE


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