THE WEEKLY PIPEBOMB – 05.04.2020: Twitter Wrestling Spotlight | Part 2: Chelsea Weiand

By Lauren Conrad, Columnist

So in the second part of my “Spotlight” series (I warned you when I started the Weekly Pipebomb that it would be all over the place!), I sat down with Chelsea Weiand, a twitter and TikTok member.  Her videos are usually WWE related, and one of my favorites is where she’s standing there with her title belt, and a guy is signing a contract, and Chelsea grabs him, slams his head on the table and throws him over it in a true WWE Contract signing. 


I asked her some questions about WWE, and a few about her life, and this is all about her.  She can be found on twitter as @chelsea_weiand and on TikTok as chelsea.weiand. Chelsea was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but in 2016 she moved to Los Angeles to focus on her acting career on TikTok.  Ok, well, she just moved there, not for TikTok.  She feels the talent on the indie promotions are quite talented out in LA.  I could imagine that with Hollywood and all the acting not too far away, the indie feds get a lot of local acting talent to fill their rosters with.  Anyways, lets get on with the interview:

 Hey Chelsea, I think this is the first time we’ve really interacted outside a few tweets and replies here and there.  Nice to finally chat!

C: Yeah, same here!

So, I’ve been following you for a while on twitter and TikTok, big fan of your TikTok.  What got you in to wrestling?

C: My boyfriend. I used to watch it with my dad when I was younger but then I fell out of it. I got back in to wrestling in 2017 and sometimes I think I enjoy it more than my boyfriend does. Haha.

Who is your favorite wrestler, present and all-time?

Currently AJ Styles and Sami Zayn. All-time favorite is Undertaker.

 When you first got into wrestling with your dad, who was the first wrestler you ever recall seeing?

The first wrestler I can remember seeing, is Undertaker.

Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega Full GearWhat about the first match you saw

Honestly, I don’t remember the first match that I saw. But recently the one that sticks out the most to me is Omega V. Moxley in the non-sanctioned match at Full Gear.

Good match.  What about your first live event?

Smackdowns 20th anniversary

 One thing I’ve always wondered.  You’re actually the only person I’ve met on twitter that also has a wrestling TikTok as well as whatever you want to post.  What got you in to TikTok?

I was actually on it when it was first called Musically, which seems like forever ago. I joined because I was living on my own at the time and just wanted some way to entertain myself. It’s a fun, creative outlet. Whether it’s wrestling related or not, I love posting videos to make people smile.

I quite enjoy them, they’re always fun and entertaining.  In a lot of your videos on TikTok and profile pictures, you’re wearing that sweet title belt.  What made you decide on that particular title belt?

It was a gift from my boyfriend. My first title belt ever! I’m currently saving up money for the Smackdown Women’s title next!

On the subject of title belts, let’s say you could have any title belt from any company, what would it be?

I’d have to go with the AEW title belt. That’s a championship! It looks prestigious.

AEW’s huh?  So, you watch other shows besides WWE?

I watch AEW, and sometimes I’ll watch Impact.

What do you think of the former Revival going to AEW?

I think they will be treated better at AEW.

I would personally go for the Ten Pounds of Gold from NWA, I’d hate to go to a steakhouse and have my belt stolen.  As I mentioned earlier, one of my favorite TikTok of yours is the contract signing.  Have you ever put any holds on friends, aside from the TikTok video of you tossing the guy over the table?

I have not done this with friends. But my boyfriend and I will practice different moves and holds in our living room. I’ve got the figure four down. Maybe we’ll see a video of it on TikTok sometime.

When I was a kid, my best friend and I used to have full on matches, including a small ring we built that was pretty sturdy as long as you didn’t do any moves in it.  Have you ever done a full out match with friends?

I have not. But I think it would be a lot of fun to get in to a ring and learn some things!

When playing a WWE game and the commentary is shitty, do you have a running commentary in your head?

I don’t play any WWE video games, but while watching these live events without the crowds, I’ll make my own commentary sometimes when it starts getting quiet.

One thing I’m sure you’ve seen, the IWC as a whole gets a lot of hate. You always seem to rise above it all. What sets you apart from the others this way?

I try to stay out of the drama. I will state my opinion and if someone doesn’t like it, then that’s fine. I’m not going to argue over something because someone else doesn’t like my opinion. I see that a lot on Twitter. When it all comes down to it, we are all watching wrestling because it’s something we enjoy. We are allowed to have different opinions. Not everyone will agree on the same thing and that is ok!

What is your funniest Twitter moment?

I don’t have any moments I can remember, but I do love all of the wrestling memes!

One thing making the news lately, Nia Jax and the Bellas have been getting a lot of heat for their unsafe wrestling habits, Nia Jax more so than the others, but the Bellas aren’t innocent either, if you look at the number of injuries in the ring they’ve had vs other wrestlers. Sure Sasha ended Paige’s career but that was really the only time.  I’m talking number of botches and severity of repeated injuries.  What are your thoughts on these three, who have been labeled as reckless in the ring? Do you think they should be fined, etc? Or go back to NXT to train?

I personally would not feel safe in the ring with either of those 3 ladies. Their opponents are stepping in to the ring with them, fully putting all of their trust in to them. This is a dangerous sport and you need to feel safe not only with your team members, but also your opponents.

I couldn’t agree more.  Ok enough gloom and doom.  Let’s jump to a fun question! You have all control of wrestling for one month. Anything goes. What’s your move?

First, I would stop having squash matches with jobbers. I like meaningful matches, where we have wrestlers in the ring that work great with each other and can tell us a story through those matches. I would stop with all the damn rematches that happen all the time. I also wouldn’t have the same talent coming out week after week. I’d switch that up. I’d also attempt to revive the attitude era. Now “that’s good shit.*”

WWE 2K1 BattlegroundsAfter the initial interview, the news broke in the WWE about the new 2k game that they are releasing.  I asked her thoughts on it:

“I think they should work on the glitches for 2k20 first before making another game.  But this one looks cool.  The characters look weird, though”

I replied about how it looks childish.

“Yeah I can see that.”

Someone compared it to “Fortnite for WWE”

“Haha I guess the graphics maybe.  The only games I play are GTA or Minecraft”

Chelsea didn’t even know what Saints Row was.  You wound me, Chelsea.

*”That’s good shit” is copyright Vince McMcahon whenever the hell the fans turn against him and hate the product he’s putting out there.

Next weeks guest will be Logan from WEW fame, followed by our Main Event of the Evening, Amy “Phoenix”!  Perhaps a post-show dark interview too.  Between that, possibly, depending how I feel about it, I might talk about Dark Side of the Ring, specifically the Benoit story. 

As always like comment and sub…er…follow me on twitter, @laurencr3, follow Chelsea, let her know you read this, and follow The Gorilla Position.  Until next time…Boom.  Mic Drop Bitch.


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