NWA: Tim Storm Answers Nick Aldis | Ten Pounds of Gold #57


NWA Ten Pounds of Gold 57 entitled Phoenix Rising featuring Nick Aldis and Tim Storm. It was in October of 2017, when The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion at the time, Tim Storm was introduced to the world through the digital series Ten Pounds of Gold.

The fifty year old school teacher caught the wrestlings world attention by his authentic every-man working class story. The rivalry with Nick Aldis carried the first chapter of the new era of the National Wrestling Alliance including a high profile match at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and the rematch in December of 2017 at Combat Zone Wrestlng where Nick Aldis defeated Tim Storm for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

On NWA Ten Pounds of Gold 57, the story comes full circle as Nick Aldis travels to Phoenix, AZ to defend the NWA Championship against Producer Peter Avalon…

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