Tommy “Wildfire” Rich Looks Ahead to 2020

By Paul Stratoti, Contributing Writer

Wildfire Rich is alive and well folks, and eagerly awaiting his next match in the ring! It’s time to light the wrestling world on fire once again. While Tommy has put himself through hell just as we all have at least once in our lives (it’s just the cost of being human) the former NWA champion has rebounded and is eager to show all of us that with the help of his lovely wife Terri as well as the support of his countless fans his career is far from over.

During the 1980s, Tommy visited WEWS-TV-5 for a Friday afternoon “Live on 5” segment that aired 10 days later. This writer went with him where I took the following shot.

Tommy Rich at WEWS-TV-5Then we went to the Budget Motor Inn where Thunderbolt Patterson also was staying. Strange to me, Ole Anderson did not stay at that hotel and it wasn’t till a few weeks later that I fully understood why. He was in the process of turning on his allies and fans.

August 10, 1990 at Cleveland Convention Center

Tommy Rich vs. Stan Hansen in 1990

In July 1995, Tommy was on a tour of the IWA/Columbus, Ohio promotion where his ultimate goal was to battle the Promoter, the late Bull Miller for the World Heavyweight Championship. But first he has a series of matches against the IWA roster as shown here.

Tommy Rich in IWA 01

With that being said I would have liked to extract a few more interview comments but have been unable to do so.

Finally, the last time I saw him the Wildfire was facing “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka in CAPW 14th anniversary action during which time this reporter got on his case regarding a previous CAPW no-show which he denied to me.

Tommy Rich vs. Jimmy SNuka

The former NWA World Heavyweight Champion had his hands full around the same time when Lord Zoltan served as Abdullah the Butchjer’s manager. That filthy Zoltan!

Tommy Rich vs. Abdullah the Butcher 01

Tommy Rich vs. Abdullah the Butcher 02

Look at how I busted him doing Abby’s evil bidding.

Tommy Rich vs. Abdullah the Butcher 03

The IWC commission was so pissed off about the damage to the tables and bloodshed during a family friendly event that they vowed NEVER to let the future WWE Hall of Famer set foot in Court Time Plaza again. …and why not… the Butcher then proceeded to terrorize someone backstage also!

(NOTE: You have previously answered interview questions by me and did not charge me for it. As a result, I am offering you a cash incentive to answer a few more interview questions…just tell me what you need.

My policy is the first interview is done free in exchange for Website coverage. Subsequent interviewing is done with a charge to me. Let me know in private what you need. If I don’t hear back from you within a reasonable time, I will respond with a 2nd inquiry which is now.)

In February of 2001 I covered the last 2 of your 3 day CAPW Winter Tour where I saw you do battle with Ricky Morton, Sabu and others and where the closest thing to a Full Blooded Italians reunion that I ever saw took place.

Have you seen Ole Anderson or Thunderbolt Patterson in recent years and/or do you have anything to say to them through this interview?

Do you have any fond 4 Horsemen memories?

Who do you feel would be an excellent addition to the 4 Horsemen if today they were still active?

That is it for now regarding interview questions. Should you agree to be interviewed further, I will have more questions forthcoming possibly as early as my next day off sometime next week..

… Finally, the last time I saw him the Wildfire was facing “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka during which time this reporter got on his case regarding a previous CAPW no-show which he denied to me.

Tommy Rich and Paul Stratoti

“I did not no show!”

Tommy was scheduled to appear during Heroes and Legends 13 on October 5, 2019 and is also booked to appear at what is being viewed as the largest Legends Reunion to come into Ohio on March 14, 2020!

BREAKING NEWS: February 29, 2020 – Tommy to act as Special Enforcer during

All AIWF SOUTHERN Belts will be defended including the AIWF National Belt!

Stuart Kemp: “I hope Fulton will be at PWHF in May as he posted that he would. With the Sheepherders getting in this year, Fulton going will be the first time the teams have met in decades. Sad though Tommy Rogers will not be able to see this!”

Article and photos by Paul Stratoti


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