THE WEEKLY PIPEBOMB – 02.04.2020: The Power of Positivity

By Lauren Conrad, Columnist

The IWC…  Internet Wrestling Community. 

The most vile, toxic group of people you will ever meet.  Or the nicest group you’ll ever meet?  Or the group with the hottest girls?  Or the group with the hottest guys?  Or, well… fuck if we know, it’s volatile from day to day; you never know if you’re a friend or foe.

The IWC is a fickle place.  One day, you can be on top of the world, the next you can be bottom of the barrel and hunted out.  Groups and factions abound. Some claim to be for “Justice” but are one of the most toxic groups out there (Looking at you, “Dark Alliance”), with members calling each other foul words I won’t repeat, and threatening to close their accounts for attention, etc.

174834-social-media-logosBut there are also some fantastic people out there, and once you find the right group to follow, the IWC is a fantastic place.  People can be so friendly and kind, and they all band together and pick you up when you’re down.  Some have just entered, some are veterans, and I’d like to cover a hand full of people that I have found to be some of the best IWC people I’ve met.  These are all SFW accounts, as I know a few people out there run only fans accounts as well, which is awesome in my opinion, but for today we’re only going to do SFW.  I’ll do a long tweet another day for everyone.

@OfficialCChopW.  This guy has brought people together in an old fashioned e-fed, including video/text promos, matches with a poll to see who wins, etc.  This is one of the best things I’ve seen, and even inspired me to bust out an old school heel promo on a guy.  #CCWXFactor is the hashtag to follow, and this group is some of the classiest people out in the IWC, and the promos are always fantastic.  There’s so much passion in them, that fire that drives us all.  It allows creative freedom for people who aren’t wrestlers, or maybe are physically incapable, or financially, to have fun with wrestling in an actual enviroment as opposed to commentating your own matches in WWE2k.  Admit it, we’ve all done it…”OH MAN AND RILEY THOMAS (My 2k CAW) WITH A BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE, THE COVER, ONE.  TWO.  THREE!!!!”.  This is something to follow!

@codysbel.  I recently met her, and we bonded over the whole pedophile scandal, I DMd her on a whim to say hello, and we became great friends, even if she’s a bully.  (She’s really not).  You’ll have to get past the Cody Rhodes thirst, but this is one of the most positive people out there.  She never has negative things to say, except to those that beat up her Cody.  Izzy Rhodes is definitely a must follow!

@phoenixnjpw.  IF you follow anyone on this list, do her.  Last year, this girl was just a major wrestling fan.  Since then, she evolved into a podcast guest (who I remember was very nervous to go on), to having her own podcast that was even mentioned by AEW.  Amy is full of positivity, and never has anything bad to say about anyone.  She handles the trolls with finesse, and her podcasts are jam-packed full of information.  All 3 of them.  Her podcast handles are @denwrestling for NJPW, @ATELitePod for AEW, and @AAEWPodcast for AEW and everything else.  PLEASE give this girl a follow, I remember when she was just a twitch fan, and now she’s a big time podcaster!

3194720-dsc08320-2@Jessithebuckeye  This girl is awesome.  She does live reaction short videos during shows, which is fantastic.  They are never over a minute, and are great little glimpses into the life of a fan during a show, instead of a long 2 hour podcast as the entire show goes on.  Instead, Jessi masterfully covers just the quick spots, the huge moments that are happening.  These quick glimpses are hands down the best way to cover a long show, especially a shitshow like Smackdown was (Her “WWE Creative Meeting” short was hillarious).  I can’t reccomend this account enough.

Finally, #1 is Miss Positivity herself.  Never down, never negative, this girl is a pillar of the IWC.  She’s always positive, always happy, never ever negative towards anyone and it’s something more of us, myself included, need to work on.  Her handle is @kellyteague30, and if you want wholesome, positive wrestling and life content, this is the one to follow.  This girl is nothing but a whole freaking planet of positivity, saying a “Ray” is too small of a thing.  She posts positive messages daily, and is a Drew Fan, (win/win in my book.)

These are just a small taste of the people I follow that are all positive people, aside from Izzy the Bully (I kid I kid), and I thought if you’re new to the IWC, these are the people to follow.  There are some insane fans out there, like Carbuckle who is his own article all together, and I can’t recommend just outright blocking this psycho freak right away, but for the most part, the IWC can be a great place if you know where to look.

Oh, and an honorable mention podcast: @Fowl_Original.  One of the very first people to follow me when I brought my twitter back.  I had made it to tell Kaley Fuckin’ Rae that she was a huge inspiration for ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling, catch it at ) and closed my account shortly after for a few years, and recently came back.  But that’s all the time I have for today, next week I will cover a bit about me as well as whatever I feel the need to cover that week. 

Remember, the IWC is what YOU make it.  If YOU are positive, you will be greeted with open arms.  If you’re an asshole, then you’ll be treated like one!  It’s a fickle beast, but there are fantastic people out there!


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