The Weird Happenings of Pro Wrestling 03.19.2020

By Eddie McDonald, Columnist


The world of professional wrestling is in a weird state right now. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, wrestling is in a weird flux of performing in front of no live audience. 

Without a live audience, some things don’t come off as they should. The pop of the crowd – whether in adulation or disgust – is what helps make or break the characters of pro wrestling. 

Recently, we have seen SmackDown, Raw and Dynamite all run without a live audience. Well, Dynamite had some of their performers act as a crowd this week, but other than that, no fans in attendance. On Monday, the WWE announced that WrestleMania 36 will go on as planned, but without a live audience. Also, for the first time ever, it will be a two-night event, hosted by former New England Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski. 

So with this weirdness of not having a crowd while watching these shows, it got me thinking of all the weird happenings in the world of pro wrestling. This stems from match types, to gimmicks and to angles. Looking back, there was some really weird things that have occurred.

Keep in mind, some of the weirdest gimmicks in wrestling have been dope. Some examples include The Undertaker, Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt/The Fiend, and Broken Matt Hardy, which included the “Ultimate Deletion” match. 

Kennel from Hell Match

Kennel From Hell Match

Whew. What a dumpster fire this was. A little backstory first. This was in a feud with Al Snow and the Big Boss Man, where at one point, Boss Man kidnapped Snow’s dog, Pepper. Then Boss Man fed Pepper to Snow in a hotel room, which led to arguably the most infamous match in wrestling history; the Kennel from Hell match. This was a match that featured a hell in a cell, which encapsulated a steel cage. Now the object of the match was to escape both cages, but the catch was that the outside of the ring was surrounded by ferocious dogs, or at least that was the plan. Instead, the dogs defecated, urinated and mated around ringside. Yikes. 

The feeding of pepper isn’t even the worst thing Boss Man did, as he once dragged Big Show on his father’s casket. 

Chamber of Horrors Match

WCW has had a ton of hokey gimmicks and matches, even for pro wrestling standards. At Halloween Havoc 1991, there was the Chamber of Horrors match. This match was a four-on-four matchup featuring Sting, the Steiner Brothers and El Gigante vs the team of Abdullah the Butcher, Cactus Jack, Vader and the Diamond Stud. The only way to win this match was to incapacitate a member of the opposing team enough to strap them up to an electric chair, and then pulling the lever to electrocute said opponent. Well, halfway through the match, the lever dropped down and nothing happened. The match ended when Abdullah the Butcher was strapped to the chair and then “electrocuted.” Also, Cactus Jack was nearly crushed by the chair when it was being lowered into the ring. 

The Boogeyman 

Here was a character that was just strange as hell. He would smash a clock over his head on his way to the ring as he sort of slithered and danced. He ate real worms, by the handful, yet that wasn’t the grossest thing he ate. At one point, Jillian Hall had the gimmick of having a giant, nasty mole on her face. One episode of SmackDown saw Boogeyman bite it off her face and eat it! Yuck. 

Mae Young gave birth to a…..hand?

Back in the Attitude Era, all bets were off, but this angle ended up very bizarrely. “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry was a newfound lady’s man and then hooked up with 77-year old Mae Young, who later announced she was pregnant. When Young was set to give birth, she did so, but to a rubber hand. To this day, that angles cracks me up, but also leaves me completely dumfounded. 

Vince McMahon blew up in a limo!

Mr. McMahon's limo explodes in a ball of flamesBack in 2007, Vince McMahon was an ECW champion. You read that correctly. But then he lost the title and it began a downward spiral for the Chairman. The June 11 episode of Monday Night Raw was dubbed “Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night” but nobody appreciated the billionaire. As he was leaving, superstars lined the hall ways to see him off. When he approached his limo, he stopped, hesitated to get in the limo and then when he finally did and shut the door, the limo exploded! Vince McMahon was dead. Or so everyone thought. McMahon tried killing off the Mr. McMahon character, but that actually backfired. About two weeks later, the angle had to come to a screeching halt due to the actions of Chris Benoit.

Triple H humped a “corpse”

In a program with Kane, Triple H was hell bent on destroying the man that Kane was. By doing so, Triple H said he had a secret that would crush Kane. Triple H then revealed that Kane had killed Katie Vick in a drunk driving accident. Later on in the feud, Triple H, portraying Kane, was at a funeral home where the services of Vick were being held. Then Triple H proceeded to hump a mannequin, which was to say Kane performed necrophilia on Vick. Not one of The Game’s finest moments. 

At one point, Brian Pillman waited for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at his home with a 9mm pistol when Austin was coming to attack. The feed cut out as Pillman pointed the gun at Austin. Val Venis was nearly castrated at the hands of Kaeentai on an episode of Raw before it was revealed that he suffered from “shrinkage” and got help from his friend John Wayne Bobbitt. 

Some of the more notorious gimmicks that were we just weird in pro wrestling include Bastion Booger, who was just a fat slob who are entirely too much food. The Yeti was a man wrapped in toilet paper who came to the ring to aid The Giant in winning the WCW World Title at Halloween Havoc 1995 to beat Terry Bollea (I won’t use the HH name for certain reasons) where he essentially just came in and humped the champ…

The world of pro wrestling is in a strange state right now, but it serves as a nice distraction for what’s happening throughout the world. I have no idea how much weirder we can get with the latest offerings of pro wrestling, but I can assure you that it won’t be any weirder than what I have already laid out. 

Hit me up on Twitter @KingEdward15 and tell me what weird things you remember in the wonderful world of pro wrestling. 


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