BLEACHER REPORT: Which Brand Has the Better Survivor Series Squads?


Members of the Smackdown Womens roster, during their invasion of Monday Night RAW this week

Survivor Series is the one time a year where Raw and SmackDown compete against each other for brand supremacy, assuming you ignore the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania Battle Royals and Money in the Bank contests.

Still, this is WWE and bragging rights are important, so Stephanie McMahon and Baron Corbin are hoping to establish Raw’s dominance while Shane McMahon and Paige are fighting from the underdog spot as people still think of SmackDown as the B-show.

Coinciding with the champion vs. champion bouts, there will be three traditional elimination matches featuring some of the best and brightest of the two brands battling it out to see which roster is superior.

Let’s take a look at those teams and assess which side has the advantage heading into Survivor Series 2018 … Read the Preview HERE

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