‘Who Is The Crucible?’ – 07.01.2019: E.M. DeMorest

By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

A hobby turned into a passion. A passion then turned into a crusade.

Alongside Matt Makowski and Tunku Amir, another member of The Crucible that has made in impact in CHIKARA is E.M. DeMorest. When videos of secret matches and fights leaked from the Wrestle Factory early this year, DeMorest’s unorthodox, physical style was already evident.

That ability to brutalize and use his size to his advantage had been, up to that point, honed for almost 17 years. But not in the kind of ring one would suspect.

In an exclusive interview with The Gorilla Position, DeMorest explained how he discovered pro wrestling and came up through the underground.

“I was always into stuff like anime and kung-fu movies,” DeMorest said. “Wrestling felt like the next step of that. I’d seen it on TV and it looked like a lot of fun. I’d just met some friends who wanted to wrestle and we were all into it so we just started wrestling. That’s how the backyard stuff started. I got noticed through YouTube videos.”

DeMorest and his friends began wrestling in backyard shows and matches as a way to channel their love of what they had seen on television without the access to professional training facilities. “The main reason people backyard wrestled instead of getting proper training is because we were broke kids,” DeMorest said.

What started as friends hanging out grew to something much larger. “Eventually we had a group of eight guys,” DeMorest recalled. “We went on this forum that had hundreds of backyard wrestlers. They used to hold these ‘supershows’ that was a meeting of backyard feds from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, some guys from Canada and Florida. We’d all get together a few times a year and have these really big shows. That’s what the forum was used for, to organize those.”

Unbeknownst to DeMorest it was during those formative years wrestling underground that he was following in the footsteps of the man soon to be his Herald. Like he and many others, though, the backyard would pave the road to the world of professional wrestling.

“There were guys who would backyard wrestle but then go and get trained but they would still come back to the backyard shows,” DeMorest said. “They wouldn’t wrestle but they would come to hang out and would show people things. Some of us were getting secondhand training and then getting booked on independent shows.” 

The stroke of luck and timing would see DeMorest’s role in professional wrestling slowly grow to match the notoriety he had gained through backyard wrestling. 

“If one of my friends who was professionally trained was going to be on a show and needed someone to wrestle, they would ask me to be on the show and I would do it,” DeMorest said. “That’s how I got started – I had my first independent match in 2009. I went to Beyond [Wrestling] when they just started. I had maybe a total of 8 or 9 matches that could be considered independent professional wrestling matches.”

Ultimately, the talent behind DeMorest was strong enough that one of his old comrades suggested he turn pro. The means that had not existed to train before were made available to him through the Wrestle Factory.

“I started officially training last year,” DeMorest said. “Someone I worked with in the backyard feds recommended the Wrestle Factory to me. It was a lot of money to just throw down so I ended up taking a free seminar to see what I thought about it. I liked it a lot and decided to go with it.”



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During his proper training, DeMorest stumbled upon the same recruitment website that several others had about wanting to fight in The Crucible. What DeMorest saw as an outlet grew into something more, much like his development from backyard to professional wrestling.

“[The Crucible website] seemed interesting,” DeMorest said. “I thought it would be fun to fight some people, it’s always a good time. I would get put in fights and do my best. A lot of people there are really into the fighting aspect. Makowski has his MMA background, so he would utilize that for his fights. I had more of a crazy, creative backyard wrestling tactics that I would use to win fights. I think that definitely made me stand out.”

From those early fights late night at the Wrestle Factory, DeMorest has become a valued soldier in the Crucible, having helped his team dominate the Colony at “Aniversario: Scotch Mist” in Chicago during Memorial Day Weekend. 

For E.M. DeMorest, the fire has revealed a penchant for revolutionary violence honed in the underground for almost 20 years now ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting wrestling world.


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