WOMAN ON FIRE – 02.27.2019: How to Start Collecting Wrestling Memorabilia

By Kim Artlip, Columnist

Looking back at some of the choices I have made in my life, I totally regret trading off my Roberto Clemente rookie card.  I can’t even recall what I traded it for but it was literally months before he was killed in 1971 in a plane crash and his items became sought after.

While I’m not a huge collector, I do produce a line of trading cards for fans to collect, have autographed and signed.  Are you thinking of starting a collection? At nearly every IGNITE Wrestling show we are honored to have Rasslin Warehouse present selling wrestling and sports memorabilia so the owner, Justin is a fantastic resource if you’re just getting started.  I know it’s confusing to decide what to buy, But I was talking to a few avid collectors who broke it down to me; what they consider to the best vital components of a true wrestling collection.

Video Games

Anyone who likes wrestling and video games should at least have one wrestling themed video game.  Then you should have a customized character with your own style, finisher, name, theme song and everything.  You have to go full in on this and make as many as you can and share.  Seriously, it’s fun.

DVD or Blu Ray Collection

I know we are moving to streaming but people still enjoy and watch a DVD, you can get away with a VHS, Blu Ray or any other short of video.  Personally I love the compilation videos that show their greatest matches and interviews.


You can’t claim to be a fan if you haven’t read one of Mick Foley’s books, DDP, or any of the greats.  So many books out there by Bischoff, Flair, you name it.  You can get most on Kindle but nothing beats a physical book.

Action Figures

One of my favorites have to be the action figures.  As kids we act out the matches, do shoots on each other and just have a blast.  Now as adults we are realizing the sheer value of a Rowdy Roddy Piper figure.  Plus action figures set wrestling apart from other sports that generally just only have cards and clothing.

Replica Belts

Sorry but I know people love these but I think it is funny when I see guys covered in replica belts at shows.  Just one is enough.    People are drawn to them because it’s not something they see everyday, and because it looks just like the real one.  I carry one of the actual IGNITE belts to networking events and people wanted to take a pic with it.  Easy advertising when they posted to FB and I could tag with my event link.


Oh you know you need to be repping your favorite company and/or wrestler in their latest tee.  Heck even a classic tee can work.  Not only does it expand your wardrobe but they are great conversation starters.  I have worn my Lince Dorado shirt out and been asked who that luchador is on it.  Great way to segue into talking about my company or upcoming show.

Trading Cards

One of the things that set IGNITE Wrestling apart over the past three years was our line of trading cards.  We have released a 2016 and 2018 series with interim add ons in 2017.  Of all the products that we carry in our shop, our trading cards are by far the most popular and fun.  Plus it’s a great way to start kids out collecting for a small price.  Actually we are in the works for our 2019 updated series so look for at least six new cards to be added to our line.


My final must have for collections is posters.  Now please, I’m begging you to not steal posters that are up in the community promoting shows.  The company generally always has some for sale or giveaway so please don’t block their marketing endeavors.  We all know that fans and the curious non fan can’t come to an event unless they hear or see an advertisement or poster for it. 

So hopefully if you aren’t a collector yet, that I have given you several ideas of items to start with on your new collection.  Above all, please support the indies and the guys who are making the drives and sacrifices to entertain you.  Until next time, ignite your fire, and follow your dreams.

Kim Artlip, Owner + Promoter


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