WOMAN ON FIRE – 04.17.2019: Haters Can’t Stop Your Dreams

By Kim Artlip, Columnist


One thing that has never changed since I started into pro wrestling as an owner/promoter is hate.  Hiding behind a screen name and fake photos without using their real name and face to show the world what tools they are. Spreading that hate.

The reality is, haters gonna hate.

I have received threats, nasty phone calls, hate mail and more. I have seen our banners, posters and signage ripped down and shredded. I have eye rolled numerous times over some of the ridiculous posts and comments that I have had to contend with  along social media taunts and foolishness. And you know what? I don’t respond on social media. I don’t play that game.

So go right ahead and call me names and see if that stops me from my purpose.  

See if I care. I’m not losing sleep or tears over being called a mark. Guess what? If a mark is a fan, then I am one. Sign me up!

Money Mark: That was due to the fact that I was offering actual pay to workers instead of the “hey brother can you work this show for free?”

I dealt with obsessive wannabe bookers and so-called personalities who felt they were owed a role and say in the company. I never had any intention of being Wrestling Company Version 2 plus there was no way in any level of hell that I was not giving up control of the vision of the company that I have had since the beginning.

My personal favorite was just plain bitch.  

You have to just toss back your head and laugh till you cry when you are told that you don’t know enough or don’t have the background in the sport to run your own company.

Seriously? I never have planned to put on spandex and jump in a ring.  

Running a company is not about your legacy in the ring, putting a belt on yourself because you simply don’t have the skills to be chosen to represent a company or about creating a monthly hangout for your friends.  

Stop seeking permission already. What are you, eight years old? You do not need to listen to someone tear down and criticize your every decision.  You know they see life and its opportunities like you.

Screw their permission. You are an adult so grow a set and follow your dream.

Don’t waste a moment listening to them since you already know they are going to say such as don’t write that book, don’t start that company, whatever they can do to crush you..

Seriously, you do realize that you are hearing nothing but their fear or ignorance, jealousy and insecurity. They played it safe and god forbid you do something they didn’t have the spine to try.

They may be thinking, “What if she does what she set out to do? My dream didn’t work out, I need to stop her!”

But that’s their problem, not yours. Did you hear me? Not your monkeys, not your circus.

I was told that I was just nothing more than a fat old wrestling mark, looked like I was chasing after wrestlers and would humiliate my husband.

I was told I would never be able to book a single wrestler because no one would want to work for some woman playing promoter.  

Guess what? We have no problems finding amazing and talented performers who reach out to me every single day asking to be part of this little dream called IGNITE Wrestling.

Teasing is just masking their criticism with a smile or laugh but no matter how you dress it up it is still criticism.

It’s the same asshole that says, “Oh, you are going to be on the radio, I guess that’s best as overweight as you are.”   It’s just dressed up nice and pretty. So make sure you recognize it when you see it.

Don’t for one moment let anyone diminish your dream or your shine.  

Let me point out quickly that there is constructive criticism that will help you. It might be something simple like you need to improve your look to be taken seriously.  

Or you need stop misspelling words. It won’t be worded that nicely but these are things to help you get to your dream.

Remember, nothing is impossible!

If you want it badly enough, you will find a way. Keep focused on your dream, and you will definitely make your dreams come true someday! If I had listened to the crap and the negativity then there would be no IGNITE Wrestling.

Remember all those friends that you have supported over the years by buying that makeup you didn’t really need, that funky bracelet or whatever multi-level scheme they were trying to get rich out.

Guess what?

They are going to run faster than roaches when you turn on the lights when you start to gush about doing what you’ve always wanted. Why? Because you just slapped them upside the head with the fact that you are following your dream.

They are not.

Oh you just just a nerve with them and they are going to do their damndest to ignore you now. So much for them attending and having fun. Oh something will come up. Advertising, forget it. You are rubbing their faces in their failure.

They never followed their dreams. How dare you enjoy yours!

Forget them. They aren’t true blue friends then. It’s fine to say, hey I don’t really get what you are doing but good for you but this arctic freeze out, you don’t need.

Focus on your dream, not on them. Perhaps when they see you are happy it might spur them to reach out or go for their goals. If not, it’s not your problem. You have to follow your dream.

Until next time, ignite your fire, and follow your dreams


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