WOMAN ON FIRE – 07.10.2019: Sometimes, You Just Need To Vent

By Kim Artlip, Columnist


While attending a marketing event recently, I decided to take a detour to explore the possibility of running in a venue in another town.  Now before anyone panics and my phone begins to ring, I was only interested in doing a one-time show, but that fell flat.

The venue (that will remain nameless) has been struggling for several years with misappropriation issues, funding, you name it.  Events held there were riddled with drugs, underage drinking and violence backstage. Honestly, I blame the venue who allowed this to continue for years but I’m getting off topic.

Never in my life have I been treated so unprofessionally and disrespectfully.  A simple no would have sufficed but I was subjected to a profanity ridden tirade.  What really cracked me up during this was I have never once done business with this facility.  They were butt hurt over a crap-tacular hot mess they chose to work with. One that ended badly.

What I don’t get is, why was I being raked over the coals and screamed at?  Why not take out your frustrations on the actual mess that caused all this discord?  I guess if they found out they had spent years working with someone who lied about every aspect of their paper only business, they were feeling their own stupidity backing up their throats.

To make matters worse, someone reached out to the other party and I got to experience the joy of having misinformed minions calling my house in the wee hours of the night threatening to blow my brains out the back of my head for trying to take over this venue.  Like I said, never been there, considered a one-time show but without the shitty reception the cost was ridiculous.

As for the death threat, I legit have lost track of how many there have been over the past three plus years but always the same tired old nugget.  I’m frankly sick and tired of spineless little men who have to hide behind a keyboard or a blocked number. If threatening a partially disabled, 55 year-old woman makes you a man? You are damn sad.

Seriously, I didn’t get you banned from a venue with underage workers drinking.  I was not involved in knock down fights. I didn’t bust up your facility and not pay for it.  But no one wants to admit when their mismanagement and laziness caused their demise. It’s just easier to whisper hatred in the ears of people who are easily swayed.  Surround yourself with people who have emotional and intellectual deficits and cry to them how you are a victim.

God forbid… you be man.  But why start now?

I guess it is just easier to disband your company, play on your Facebook page that no one reads and tell people from out of the area how well you are connected with the industry.  Why actually prove that you can run a successful business because we all deep down know it was other people doing the lion’s share of the work and built what little there was. Not you.  You don’t have the drive or the hustle to make it happen. Easier to post memories and talk about your comeback.

But guess what? While you go on and on ad nauseum about making your presence known when you start doing shows again, the Florida indy scene is thriving without you.  And you know what else, it’s not the same old pool you paddled in. This is a new animal and it will chew you up and spit you out unless you actually promote and treat talent with respect.  Talent no longer will work for free. So your days of a handshake are over. Move into the shadows.

I realize this is not my usual style of columns and it is not as rosy as usual but there are time you just need to vent.  I’m not going anywhere so I guess some people are going to feel the butthurt.

This is my opportunity. It’s my time to burn bright so until next time, watch me ignite my fire, and follow my dreams

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