WOMAN ON FIRE – 09.19.2018: Are You Empowering Others?

By Kim Artlip, Columnist


Over the past few years, I have noticed – and become real-life, and virtual friends with – some amazing individuals who dedicate their time and expertise to helping others grow in the sport and in life.  Names like Brutal Bob Evans, Chris Silvio, Phil Stamper and Ophidian The Cobra come to mind as guys who took the time to answer questions, give feedback and generally just inspire me and others with quotes, motivation and an ear.

It doesn’t even have to be anything earth shattering or profound but just tips on saving money while traveling, breaking down how to budget for food, gas and what not on a trip.  Scheduling out your travels so you actually make money while growing your career.  These are how others have helped out.  And they do it to help others avoid costly mistakes and empower them.

As someone who has always been drawn to and excited about new experiences, challenges and ideas, I have watched and studied those who successfully achieve. I have reached out to others  for guidance, direction and support as an integral part of my support system for a very long time. The payoff has been big!

I have learned how important it is to give back and pay it forward with sharing my knowledge and experience with others. The axiom is so true: my wisdom and experience only has value if I share it to benefit others! Having said this, I also know we only have so much time to do all that we need to do to balance our warped speed lives.

Here are 3 ways I have found to integrate this into my life, and the benefits are big.

1. Be selective in choosing who you are going to invest this time with. The relationship must be mutual and a shared commitment. When the timing is right, the opportunity will present itself. The expression, “when the teacher is ready the student will appear” is right on here.

There will be people who aren’t receptive to your message and what you are sharing.  You’ve met the ones that feel that they are “ring vets” and by God they know exactly how to do things.  Sadly they are in a rut, not growing their career and peaked before they really got going.  We’ve all seen the guy who starts his own promotion, wears a belt there, main events there but can’t get booked anywhere else.But for every person like that there is always someone hungry for your message.  They feel inspired, motivated and want to work smarter not harder at growing their careers.  Heck, it doesn’t even have to be your career because we can all benefit on how to save money and travel smarter.

2. Wisdom and experience comes in all ages and types of people. This is not just an “older to younger” set up. I have learned so much from people not only older than me, but many years younger than me. Don’t forget those powerful and sometimes unexpected “random acts of kindness” that can happen anytime, any day. They transform me. You may not realize it but I may be stuck in my head or bogged down with an issue and the time you spent answering my instant message or that Facebook Live video takes me out of my head.  Sometimes that all we need, just a new way to approach a problem or just the ability to laugh at ourselves and the situation.

3. Use and leverage – in person and technology – tools to make this happen. The beauty of social networking is you can communicate, connect and stay in touch with people all the time, and it does grow the relationship. A balance of phone, in person and virtual can be a wonderful way to grow and sustain.

I’m one of those people that loves to finally meet that person at an event and find out that they are just as fricking cool as I imagined.  Getting the chance to talk briefly face to face to Bob Evans at a Ronin Pro show really pushed me to changing some of my approach in marketing and he probably doesn’t even realize it.  That’s the magic of being there online and taking the time to interact.  You are making a difference and making someone feel heard and understood.

So, embrace social media and the power of using it to be there for someone that you didn’t know needed that push, encouragement or just needed to silence their doubts.  You have no idea what is not being said but by being there and being responsive you show you care and that matters.

Now do I think that talking, listening and attending workshops will make your career and business change overnight.  Not always. Success is NOT an overnight thing. Perseverance, vision, commitment and flexibility are commonalities I see in successful people today. All of them have sought wisdom and knowledge and share theirs with other to pay it forward.  It comes down to how you implement what you know but you never know without trying.  So listen, share (good or bad) and see how your life changes and the lives of others.

Who can you help today with your wisdom and knowledge?  Put it out there in the universe on social media, in locker rooms, in person and see what you can start. An idea becomes a spark, that spark starts to burn and before you know you are burning down the bridges that blocked you creatively and financially.  Just start.  Until then, ignite the fire, and follow your dreams.

Kim Artlip
Owner + Promoter

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