WOMAN ON FIRE – 10.10.2018: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

By Kim Artlip, Columnist


So we hear wrestlers all the time talking about how they dream of making it to WWE and the “biggest stage” in wrestling.  But when you really take a good hard look at them, they are doing absolutely nothing to chase that dream.

Now before you get your panties in a twist, I’m not saying this to be a jerk or crap on someone’s dream but how the heck do you plan on moving up in wrestling if you wrestle the same lackluster shows in the same geographic area every month?  Seriously? Do you really think Vince or Triple H are going to show up at whatever show you are doing? I would bet and probably win that bet that you aren’t even on the main events.

Now I know there are guys out there saying that the crowd pops for them and they have a following.  Really? Mom, your cousins, Dad, childhood friends but if you went 3 hours away would anyone know who you are or even bother to react when you walk out.  

Familiarity keeps you safe and oftentimes stuck and stagnant. Most people are quite content to sail through life impervious to their potential. They rather not take risks in the event life does not emerge as they hope for.  It just becomes easier to use excuses like work, family, car issues as reasons why they never leave that safe little bubble that they live inside. But how do you expect to grow and evolve if you do the same match with the same guys every month?  

s118756990937354304_p6_i1_w427You need to do as Brutal Bob Evans says and do the drives.  Get out there and work with wrestlers you don’t know, look up to and take each opportunity to grow and learn.  Seriously start looking for seminars and get past your “I’m a vet” mentality and realize you are ALWAYS a student in wrestling.  Everyone has room to grow and improve their craft.

Start following others on social media who know how to work the big three platforms and start taking those free webinars that are out there showing you how to grow your following, engage others.  Think more about what you can contribute to the promotion and less about pay. Start cutting promos, sharing events, and being accessible. Like I said, get out of your comfort zone.
Look for like-minded individuals who you can travel with and cut costs because if you try to travel alone then you aren’t going to make enough to support yourself at first. Get those cheap flights and start visiting other states.  If possible, give yourself the best chance to capture any of the cheap flights when the prices fluctuate by searching a couple of days, or even weeks, either side of your preferred departure date. A few booking engines we like using include:

Skyscanner – provides instant comparison on flight prices for over 600,000 routes.
Kayak – another meta search site that compares hundreds of sites at once.
Vayama – specialises in cheap international flights

But you have to get out of your comfort zone. Stop patting yourself on the back because you wear the belt in a promotion that has no video, no youtube, no promotion online and is mainly attended by the wrestler’s family members.  Get out there and make a name. You are going to have to drive more than an hour. You will have to prove yourself to others. You probably won’t be a main event wrestler when you show up. Show up. Set up the ring, promote the shows you aren’t even in.  Get out of your comfort zone.

promoter vs wrestlerIt’s time to stop blaming the promoters who haven’t given you a shot.  Stop crapping on the guys that are making the moves, hitting the gym, learning and evolving their moveset and start taking some responsibility.  No one put you in your current position but you. You are your own worst enemy when you are the one refusing to get over yourself and start putting yourself out there.  

So polish up your resume, make sure you have current promo pictures and update your video clips.  Now is the perfect time to start working on booking new promotions in new states. Get your licensing if needed and start traveling.   Find other hungry wrestlers who want to travel and offer promoters a deal with a carload. Let’s get started.

So you have the tools, I’m here to pep talk you or kick you in the behind to get you going so until next week, ignite your fire, and follow your dream.

Kim Artlip
Owner + Promoter

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