WOMAN ON FIRE – 08.21.2019: Truth In Advertising

By Kim Artlip, Columnist


So many times I see the phrase, ‘live TV taping, on posters and flyers, and that begs the question – Is it really a TV taping or are you just exaggerating the event with a phrase to add credibility? 

Now the reason for this, is that I have attended shows by sketchy promoters who were looking for sponsors for shows that claimed their shows would be airing on multiple networks.  

So let’s break that particular company’s posts down.  When you post that you are airing on DishNetwork, DirecTV, Verizon (not even a network omg), Roku, Untamed Sports and Tuff TV and you aren’t then that’s a problem in my book.  And yet, some of those channels were aware of sketchy promoters actions and were like, what do you expect us to do? I would assume there should be something that would push for truth in advertising.  

There were cameras at the event, as at any ordinary show but nothing was ever done with the footage.  Never aired, didn’t even show up on their Youtube but then what happens when a company comes along to the same venue years later to run.  Oh yeah, they get to participate unwilling in that venues “airing of grievances” event. Which blows because yet again companies are punished by the misdeeds of others.  Sucks.  

fite-mobile-app-commercial-640x360fitSeriously?  Someone needs to put foot to a** on these clowns and stop this!  It’s hard for the real companies who are airing on channels and platforms such as FITE, Pivotshare, Roku and FireTV or small local channels when they are doubted. Especially when they are doing all the right things.  I know if I said that I would be X and I legit wasn’t airing or appearing there that someone would point it out. But why aren’t people doing that?

No one wants to work their butt to a nub to end up painted with the shitty promotion brush over someone else’s actions.  It is not fair but it happens every single day in the indies. I hear it every week from various promoters where matches were booked/announced such a ladder match without discussing it with talent.  Or the whole, we didn’t make as much at the door, so we can’t pay you but we will catch you next show, brother. Why is this allowed? 

So why don’t people ask questions?  Shouldn’t wrestlers be asking what tv network or channel is this “taping” going to air on?  Personally I don’t consider Youtube to be a tv channel. Now yeah yeah, I get it that you can watch it on your Roku or Firestick but it’s not an actual tv channel.  Now before you light the pitchforks, I realize many companies are monetized on it but it’s Youtube not television so stop using the phrase incorrectly.  

index-0000000000-320x180Same principle applies as well to Twitch.  Again it can be watched on various platforms but it is not a television channel.  I love that wrestling is so accessible to fans and heck I’m on every one of those platforms but I don’t say “live tv taping” on every show.  It is simply how we run. We perform, it is taped, and we air it. We don’t have to blow it out of proportion like it is a sparkly dang unicorn that no one has ever seen before.  It is standard operating procedure. We put out content. Nuff said.

So whether anyone will read this and have a light bulb moment, I honestly don’t know. They may be like… shut the hell up, and go back to their usual mode.  But maybe, just maybe, someone will look at their posts and rethink their approach. Then again, monkeys may fly out of my butt and sprinkle flower petals.  You never quite know what to expect in wrestling anyway.

So yeah – I get we are in the entertainment business, and we want to peak interest. But, what if we did it in an honest manner.  What if we offered something to fans other than kayfabe? What if businesses were run professionally? Who knows? It might make our products better and bring more butts in seats but we will never know until something is done about the sketchy dudes in the business.  

Actions like these are the elephant in the room and we need to stop just glossing over what it is doing to other companies.  Those wrestling entertainment companies are a blight on the business and hurting the scene with their false advertising. But what can we do?  Something to think about and toss around. So until next week, ignite your fire, and follow your dreams.

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