FORBES: WWE Is Still Failing To Learn From Its Past Booking Mistakes


Vince McMahon -SDLIVE-3 HRSThose who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and one need not look any further than WWE to see that old adage come to life.

WWE has been at the center of controversy in recent weeks, not just for its decision to return to Saudi Arabia but also for its major problems with backstage morale, which blew up once former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose blasted the company and its creative process on Talk is Jericho. Ambrose’s hard hitting interviews (he’s since done more of them, all of which have painted WWE, and specifically Vince McMahon, in a negative light) have really highlighted the past mistakes of the world’s No. 1 pro wrestling promotion.

One of the biggest criticisms of WWE’s is its penchant for relying far too heavily on a select few names and pushing those stars so much that it crosses the line between a massive push and full-blown overexposure. That has been exemplified perfectly by WWE’s unofficial end of the brand split, which has put a handful of names, most notably Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon, in the spotlight on both Raw and SmackDown, casting aside the vast majority of the roster in the process… Read More HERE

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