FORBES: WWE Sued Over WWE Network Technology By Notorious Patent Trolls


Vince McMahon -SDLIVE-3 HRSJust a few weeks after a new shareholder lawsuit, WWE was hit by another federal civil lawsuit on Thursday afternoon. This time, it’s nothing particularly sexy: Filed in United States District Court for the District of Delaware, the complaint sees WWE accused of patent infringement by Rothschild Broadcast Distribution Systems, the holder of a software patent that, to put it simply, covers the basic function of subscription streaming video services. The complaint doesn’t name a specific amount of damages requested.

To be blunt, the patent is incredibly vague and broad. Here’s the abstract from the patent filing:

A system, method and device for media content storage and delivery. A server has a receiver in communication with a processor. The receiver receives a request message. The request message includes media data indicating requested media content and a consumer device identifier corresponding to a consumer device. The processor determines whether the consumer device identifier corresponds to a registered consumer device. If the processor determines that the consumer device identifier corresponds to the registered consumer device, then the processor determines whether the request message is one of a storage request message and a content request message. If the request message is the storage request message, then the processor is further configured to determine whether the requested media content is available for storage. If the request message is the content request message, then the processor initiates delivery of the requested media content to the consumer device.  —  Abstract of U.S. Patent No. 8,856,221

That sounds like…basically every streaming service, right? And it was happening long before 2011, when Rothschild filed, right? Never mind that it’s not WWE’s technology: WWE Network’s technological backbone is run by Endeavor Streaming, the company formerly known as Neulion; it was previously provided by what’s now Disney Streaming Services, the former BAMTECH. So…what’s going on here? … Read More HERE

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